Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

Take Two - Day 3: Inspired by your country

Hallo da draußen :)
Heute schreibe ich nicht viel, ist schon spät...

Hello out there :)
I'm not gonna write much today, it's late already.

Day 3: Inspired by your country

"Was ist typisch deutsch?" Zuerst dachte ich an Bier, Bratwurst oder sowas. Aber das war mir ein bisschen zu komisch - Also habe ich mich vom aktuellen deutschen Wetter inspirieren lassen: Grau, kalt, Schnee. Sehr motivierend, ich weiß :D

"What's typically german?" At first I thought about beer, sausages or something like that. But that was actually kinda strange - So I got my inspiration from the german weather: Grey, cold, snow. Very motivating, I know :D

Unscharf, um den Glitzer zu zeigen :) / A little blurry to show the glitter :)
Auch wenn's nicht das Schönste ist, zeigt es doch die Situation ganz gut, finde ich ^^

Though it's not the prettiest design, it definitely shows the situation ^^

Verwendete Lacke / used polish:
Manhattan (LE Buffalo) "04"
p2 "720 Glory"
essence Stampy polish white + stamping plate
Catrice (LE Million Styles) "08 Have an ice day"

Eure Meinung? / Your opinion?

Liebe Grüße!



  1. My Aunty and her family lived in Germany up to a few months ago and they said the weather was like that too! Haha, I love that you did your nails like this :P

  2. I've only been to Germany in May, September and October so I've never seen the grey but lots of my German friends talk about the grey cold/snowy weather, especially at this time of year. I love the pretty glitter you've mixed in to it as well :) xox