Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Favourites of 2012

Hello out there :)
I think I'll start blogging on english as I got a lot of new readers by joining the 31 day challenge take two. Thank you all for that :)
As you now know that it's all going to be in english I first have to say "sorry" for my english is probably not that good - You're allowed to laugh about some strange word combinations :D

But now let's move on to the real topic of this post: My favourites of 2012.
So here are my top 7 designs in chronologic order:

An inclined flower dot design with a metallic rose background and black from July.

A grey metallic water marble manicure from October (The first of its kind that turned out well!).

A stamped zebra design from November.

A freehand painted comic style manicure from the 31 day challenge in December.

Again a design from the 31 day challenge in December, this time it's a polka dot cupcake manicure.

A bavarian skittle manicure - also from the 31 day challenge in December.

And last but not least a tribal print manicure which actually wasn't planned at all and I like it all the more because it turned out so well - also from December.

I hope you liked and maybe still like them as much as I do? And I would really like to say THANKS to you all for reading my blog, commenting and giving me the feeling that somebody likes what I do :)

Until next time!

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